My Story

Hi, Dear,
Let me share with you my story. The story of the journey I embarked on. The journey that led to me discovering the beauty of these beloved pieces of jewellery. I hope to share with you this story below.
Due to my interest in fashion and beauty, I have always tried to combine colours and details, thus gaining an inspiration to start my journey as an artist.

At first, I used wool to create accessories and bags. After that I decided to try decoupage, which led me to idea of using natural components for the creation of jewellery.
This is how I started to appreciate the beauty and grace of natural gemstones. This led me to making these gorgeous stones the highlight of my work.
During this period of my life I was inspired by one of the strongest feelings in the world – that of love. As one love leads to another, I left my homeland, Lithuania, and moved to the capital city of Hungary – Budapest. Even though this beautiful city started to feel like home, I still missed the white sandy beaches of Lithuania and the sound of the sea. So I decided to bring a little bit of sea to beautiful Budapest. The elegance of pearls and shells always seemed timeless and I had no doubts that they were exactly what I needed.

My work started gaining attention and I was invited to join a well-known Home of Fashion “HoF” in Budapest and became a member of the Hungarian designers’ community.

Seeing more and more people choose “Ginte accessories” brings me joy.

My dream of creating unique pieces of jewellery that make women happy by highlighting their natural beauty is becoming reality. For me, that is the biggest gift and the greatest joy.

Gintaute Neverauskaite